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Well, I guess your answer is ‘in the question’ right? Currently, our main reason behind providing only ’unscented’ certified organic products is simply, our commitment to the overall health of our skin. Also, our feedback regarding ‘unscented’ is proving a high demand and highly preferred for a variety of reasons.

Seems like a crazy question to ask. BUT this is exactly why ‘Going Organic’ is a no-brainer. It’s pretty simple — organic products are naturally more nutrient-rich, providing your skin with what it needs for that amazing, healthy glow. Besides this, we have already seen proven results from natural ingredients. These include cocoa butter, vitamin E, organic shea butter cream, organic sugar cane, and aloe. Moreover, all contain the essential fatty acids your skin needs. So if you need them to be plump and beautiful.

Yes, considering natural ingredients are less likely to cause allergic reactions or bother sensitive skin.

Those with sensitive skin will likely notice the biggest difference when switching from non-organic to organic skincare products like organic shea butter cream and organic face scrubs. Our organic ingredients are soothing and free of the toxins that often cause sensitive skin to flare up.

To say it simply, certified organic certification means that farmers and businesses have met strict standards for their products’ growing, processing, and handling. Hence, if you see the USDA organic seal, the product is certified organic and has a minimum of 95% organic content, like in the case of USDA-certified dream cream. Further, Organic production emphasizes natural processes and ingredients.

Well unfortunately, harmful chemicals [in other products] end up in landfills that eventually seep into the soil and water supply. So, it’s really important for us all to be aware that these aren’t renewable resources, and if we want our planet to stay healthy, we must be more conscious about what we’re doing to it. So yea, certified organic products are better for our Earth.

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